90210 Reboot: Who’s returning?

In a time of rebooting 1970’s and 80’s shows such as Dallas, Dynasty or Netflix shows, Fuller house and One day at a time, alongside shows set in the 70’s and 80’s such as Stranger Things or Glow, it looks like the perfect time for Fox to capitalise on this newfound nostalgia with their 90’s show Beverly Hills 90210.

Originally aired on Fox from 1990, to May 17, 2000. The show remained off air until it’s first renew in 2008, which was aired by CW, until May 2013. This renewal contained some of the original cast such as Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Ann Gillespie, and Joe E. Tata, each playing the role of their original character of Beverly Hills 90210. From 1992 to 1999, there was a spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210 called Melrose Place. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth each reprised their original Beverly Hills 90210 roles in this as well. Though they, nor any of the other main cast, took a role in the 1994-95 spin-off Models Inc. or the 2009 reboot of Melrose Place

However, some of the other 1992-99 Melrose Place and 1994-95 Models Inc. cast were in the 2008 reboot 90210, such as Linda Grey – although she played a different character in 90210. Rob Estes, again, plays a different character in 90210 and even starred in Melrose Place 1993 for just two episodes. Returning in 1996 as a main character, Jessica Lucas who was originally starring in 90210 moved across to the reboot of Melrose place, both airing on CW and taking the role of a different character. This was very odd as they were in the same universe as it were. However, other than this, the main shape of the two reboots never crossed over.

As of now, the cast for the #90210ONFOX reboot announced are: Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestly, and Jennie Garth. These are all members from the original Beverly Hills 90210 with no mention of any cast from Melrose Place, Models Inc, the 2008 90210 reboot or 2009 Melrose Place reboot. It is a shame not to see Shannen Doherty in the list, who was in the original and the 2008 reboot, as well as Lindsay Price and Hillary Swank, who would have been a big name to get back despite only starring in the show from 1997-98 and is now more of a film star. It would have been interesting to see her reprise a TV role. Seeing Gabrielle Carteris reprise her character is incredibly interesting because *spoiler* her character in the original moved to Connecticut. Her character’s daughter, however, did play a brief role in 2008’s 90210 so this could be a link.

I personally look forward to learning about what happened with the characters of Tori (Donna) and Brian (David) since in 90210, we learn that they were living together in Japan but had separated.

As I write this it is with great sorrow to announce two members, we know for certain shall not be coming back to the show: Luke Perry, who took on a misunderstood teen heart throb Dylan McKay and died at the age of 52 following a stroke on the 4th of March 2019 surrounded by close friends and kin. Jed Allan Brown, who played eccentric businessman Rush to Ian Ziering’s character Steve and passed peacefully  on the 9th of March aged 82 surround by his family.

Tyler Denyer

Image: Mikel Roberts/Sygma