TV Review: Line of Duty

AC-12 returns as Jed Mecurio’s signature series raptures the screens of British television once again.

The Sunday 9pm BBC One slot is certainly a place where the best dramas unfold. Currently taking the hot seat is Baptiste. Undeniably brilliant, Baptiste wretches the heart as it twirls you through twists and turns. The worldly drama may be hard to beat but Line of Duty will have no problem.

On its fifth series, Line of Duty is a serious cornerstone of British crime drama and judging from the trailer, Jed Mecurio’s masterpiece for this season will be no different. The murmurs of excitement have evolved into screams. ‘There are no secrets in AC-12’, as the camera flashes towards trusted face, Superintendant Ted Hastings, we are asked if he is going to be the latest corrupt officer – surely not? With ‘Code name H’, the possibility beams uncannily more likely as the camera flickers back and fourth to images of Hastings looking uneasy, not with his usual prowess – this could not be true? This is precisely the power of Line of Duty, its superb camera work and grounded characters get you gnawing at the fabric of the show even within a 1 minute trailer.

Line of Duty should not need the pre-modifier, ‘From the makers of Bodyguard’. It is a marvel in itself as it engages with the grittiness of a corrupt police force. Last season’s ACC Hilton’s unnerving death and deep routed corruption revealed a looming cloud over British consciousness. His muttering last words ‘H’ was deeply uncomfortable – it cannot be our ethically superior Hastings! With a cast who avoid any superficiality or glossiness, Vicky Mclure and Martin Compton are the series’ staples and many can’t wait to see them in action for another season. It seems like they will have a lot on their hands!

Delphie Bond

Image: Radiox