Jack Savoretti Releases New Album, Singing to Strangers

Combining a hint of the wild west, at times what feels like a nod to Abba, lying under a pop blanket, as well as a subtle gravelly rock vocal tone, Jack Savoretti delivers his next record, Singing to Strangers. Just as that sounds a very mixed bag, so too is the record. Featuring ample string parts, electric guitar solos, and a romantic theme throughout, the album is largely well-delivered, but seems overdramatic and sonically confusing at times. 

The first track and first single off the new record, ‘Candlelight’, sets a dramatic mood as the opener. It utilises a haunting melodic hook emphasised with vocal harmonies and strings that both start and end the track. It is definitely one of the most memorable tracks on the album. Personally, I think that the interlude, ‘Singing to Strangers’ is a highlight; stripped right back to the bare bones of guitar and vocals, it carries the emotion of the song perfectly.

Whilst, on the whole, the record seems to flow well, the seventh track, ‘Youth and Love’, is an up-tempo track featuring a slap bass and a funk sensibility that seems slightly too far-removed from the rest of the record. This is especially true due to its placement in the listing between ‘Singing to Strangers’ and ‘Touchy Situation’. 

Overall, Singing to Strangers showcases some credible writing and offers a well-rounded collection of songs. Whilst it is sonically confusing at times, it seems to be the type of record that will grow on you the more you listen to it.  

[3.5/5 Stars]