Woman’s Hour Sing One Last Hoorah at Headrow House, 15.03.19

Experiencing a band’s last ever tour is a unique affair, especially when the band has technically already broken up. This was the case for Woman’s Hour, an incredibly talented indie electro trio who brought one final show to Headrow House in Leeds.

The band found themselves at the centre of media attention following the release of successful singles culminating in being named as 2013’s most blogged about band in the UK by Hype Machine. In 2014 they continued to impress both fans and critics with the release of their acclaimed debut album Conversations. However, Woman’s Hour found themselves struggling under the pressures and high expectations that surrounded their follow up album Ephyra. Thus, the band made the decision to stop making music for the sake of their mental health and wellbeing.

Now, the trio have decided to complete 2016’s Ephyra as lead singer Fiona Burgess stated that “the thought of it just sitting in someone’s hard drive was heart breaking,”. I was therefore incredibly lucky to see this amazing band bring their music to the stage for the last time.

It’s easy to understand why Woman’s Hour attracted so much attention during the beginning of their career. Their token celestial sound fore-fronted by Burgess’ ethereal vocals had the audience mesmerised. Highlights of the evening of course came from the performance of tracks from Ephyra including ‘Mirror Ball’ and their dreamy single ‘Luke’. Although this was the first performance of new music since their break-up, Woman’s Hour also showcased a haunting rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

It is sad knowing that this is Woman’s Hour last tour but it’s refreshing for a band to recognise that health and wellbeing are never worth sacrificing. I’m glad they finished their album and they can now move on following their farewell tour.

Header Image Credit: James Rawlings