After the Party

Ever had the feeling that you just don‘t want the night to end? Lifestyle and Culture Editor Caitlin Tilley takes us through all the best hotspots in Leeds for after the party ends.


Crispy’s, till 5am

It’s Monday. You’re stumbling home after Quids In and only one thing is calling your name. Crispy’s is not only one of Leeds’ most reliable takeaways, but also the city’s most reliable after-hours disco. Their cheesy chips and gravy are amongst their renowned delicacies and the coloured lights and charts hits will make you feel like you never left the club.


Live Bar 24/7, all night

You know the drill. Hifi got too sweaty and you’re looking for somewhere to sober up. Try Leeds’ ultimate sports bar – home to the biggest sports screen in the city. Whether you’re there to watch UFC or NFL, or just to finish off the night with your mates, Live Bar will not disappoint.


Glasshouse, 9am

If you’ve had enough of Players and are done making mischief at Warehouse, then opt to end the night at this Leeds super-club. “We basically set it up as somewhere to go when all the other clubs shut,” says Karl Jukes, the boss of Glasshouse. “What we found was that after everywhere else had closed we’d end up going back to other people’s houses. So we decided to create somewhere else which had that intimacy and comfort that you might want from going back to someone’s front room, and that’s how Glasshouse was born.”


Fibre, till 6am


As the doors of Mission close, Fibre’s infamous after party will keep you going. This infamous gay bar has been going for 18 years, and boasts fairy lights, mirrors and a large outdoor courtyard. Only the soldiers of the night are able to power through and stay for ‘one more drink’, with the risk of seeing sunrise before bedtime.


MOJO, till 5am

The perfect end to a night on the town. Halfway between a stylish cocktail bar and a laidback pub, music is the centre of this timeless venue. This plucky Merrion Street trend-setter, alongside some of its like-minded and effortlessly cool Call Lane colleagues, has modernised the night-time economy in Leeds. And boy, are we thankful for it. Get ready for killer rum and cocktails, and great grub – if the kitchen’s still open, that is!


Stone Roses Bar, till 6am


A favourite for students and locals is the Stone Roses bar. Doors open to the top hit ‘Fools Gold’, with the first hour predominantly devoted to The Stone Roses. Then Old Skool mixed with New Skool take over for the remainder of the night. You’ll be holding onto people you don’t know, singing songs you do know at the top of your voice, and all under a ceiling of bicycles. Yep, you read that right.


Nothing, take the night off and spend it at home.

(Main image: Mojo; Rhianna Olivia)