How To Make The Most Out Of Easter Break

With the start of the Easter break, you have a whole free month ahead of you to do whatever you please. No more lectures, seminars or trips to Terrace for a while. Although it’s going to be great, even exciting, to have so much free time, it can also be a little intimidating to try and get the most of your free time, before coming back to Uni feeling fully prepared for the dread of exam period.

Obviously, some revision and essay writing will need to be factored into this equation, but why not get started on all those things you said to yourself you would do when you have more time?

Read that book

It’s nice to read something that isn’t a journal article, isn’t it? You’ve been meaning to pick up that book all semester but haven’t found the time. Make the most of your Easter break by factoring in some time to get yourself into a good novel or self-development book. If you’re into fiction, this might mean cracking open Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’, last year’s critics’ choice for book of the year. For those finally wanting to understand Brexit this might be, ‘A short history of Brexit’, which was released earlier this year. Or perhaps you may like to read ‘This is Going to Hurt’, a memoir that details life as a junior doctor if you’re a fan of true stories

Binge that series

While it may not be the most productive use of your time, you don’t usually have this much free time once lectures and seminars start again. You will also come back to Uni ready to stay focus if you’ve finally watched all of the Madeleine McCann series. Sex Education on Netflix is an easy watch as well, and After Life with Ricky Gervais is a quick and funny one to watch, despite its serious messages.

Visit that place

Whether it be a nearby town, a new exhibition or a restaurant opening in your home town or even in Leeds, you’ll regret not making time for it. Leeds has a new all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, ‘Doctor Who’ themed escape room as well as the ‘Queens of Industry’ Exhibition at Leeds Industrial Museum, showcasing the untold successes of Britain’s 20th century women in industry. Other events in April include London’s Marathon, Harrogate’s flower show, Liverpool’s Grand National, Bath’s comedy festival and Birmingham’s film and TV flatpack festival.

Do something to brighten up your CV

It is easy to put these things off when neck-deep in deadlines. A few emails around may gain you a week work experience, or even some paid work in a sector you’re interested in. It’s worth a try, surely? Alternatively, you could volunteer, help organise or run local events. You could finally get round to practicing your videography or photography skills and build up your portfolio. Or, you may have been meaning to start your own blog. Why not make a start, instead of waiting until summer?

Finally and most importantly:


No great break was ever executed without a great plan. Work out how much time you will dedicate to studies and exam prep and how much of it you will use for your own leisure, meeting friends or family and relaxing. Top tip: as part of your planning, book your train ticket back to Leeds nice and early and bag the cheapest tickets if you’re travelling long distance!

By following these tips, you will remain smug when your flatmates are complaining about how they let the holiday slip by without getting through anything on their lists done!

Jasmine Davis