Becky Hill Rocks Stylus, 19.04.19

Blunt, Honest and Fiery, Becky Hill delivered a strong but short performance at Stylus in Leeds University Union. Breaking onto the music scene after appearing on The Voice UK, in 2012, Becky has firmly established her place as an electronic pop singer and songwriter, with a number of hits under her belt.

After a confident performance by Lovelle as her opener, the crowd were eagerly awaiting Becky by the time she stepped on stage at 9pm. Dressed in a bright pink outfit she brought plenty of energy to the stage during each song, but did not shy from a frank discussion in between songs, with some blunt and honest talking to the crowd! Particularly before playing her new song called, ‘I Could Get Used To This’, written about her ex, as she poignantly said, “Let’s hope I can make a shit load of money out of him ey’”. This was met with a lot of applause from the crowd! Balancing her most well-known songs with songs for her “true fans”, the flow of the set was great and kept the crowd engaged.

Unfortunately, and disappointingly there was no encore and so after just an hour of performing Becky left the stage. Despite announcing her lack of encore she followed this up by saying “after this I’m gonna go eat some crumpets”, once again displaying her honest conversational style between songs. This lack of an encore, however, was likely down to the relatively small repertoire that Becky has, and so it was particularly impressive that she seemingly filled Stylus, a 1000 capacity venue where the gig had been upgraded to after selling out The Wardrobe.

Overall, from overhearing conversations whilst leaving the venue, Becky had left the crowd wanting more, showing signs that her performance was very well received and she certainly delivered on providing an upbeat and entertaining gig.

Header Picture Credit: Becky Hill