Queer Eye Series 3: A Refreshing New Instalment

No matter what anyone tries to say, it’s impossible not to love the ridiculously addictive show that is Queer Eye. So naturally, this new series has been positively received. 

Blessing our Netflix subscription for a year, Queer Eye follows the fab five who help participants blossom from insecure people struggling with their image and identity into a more confident and better version of themselves. With each episode covering all bases, from image to interior design, it’s every makeover show you could want rolled into one. 

But the aspect that makes the show really captivating is not the improvement in aesthetic, but the betterment of the person. The fab five give them a new look that is reflective of their lifestyle and personality, allowing them to present the best version of themselves rather than change them completely, thus improving their self- confidence. Most importantly, the presenters also encourage the participants and help and encourage them to mentally work through their setbacks and insecurities in their life. Pretty much every episode brings up the hay fever.  

It has to be said that, after 2 series, the format has become fairly predictable. However, series 3 mixed things up with just the right amount. While the successful format remained, the variation in participants kept things exciting. Rather than the string of shy, hermit-like middle aged men, we are introduced to a plethora of more unusual stories, such as a rugged outdoor summer camp leader living in a campervan in need of some self-care, and a female hunter who lives in camouflage. The episode that was perhaps most fun, took on a pair of sisters who got a serious revamp for their small barbecue business. The wider variety in characters keeps things fresh, and whether it’s a blessing or a curse, it makes watching just one episode at a time impossible.

The most entertaining and diverse series yet, this will make you laugh and cry. But probably not the one to start watching during exam season, because nothing else will probably be done.

Image credit: Variety