The style evolution of the Jonas Brothers


Disney Days…

Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas first rose to prominence as Disney Channel stars, with their first role being in Camp Rock in 2008, alongside Demi Lovato, who was also making her debut – it was a simpler time. They then went on to star in their own shows, Jonas and Jonas LA. Their initial style was very much in line with what one might expect from young Disney Channel stars – preppy, clean cut, with a mild attempt to get a bit of bad boy edge going (essential for aspiring teen heart throbs, of course) but nothing that would jeopardise the channel’s pristine reputation. Outfits often featured some kind of cohesive link, tying all the brothers back to each other so that we couldn’t forget they were a band, like a particular colour or a certain accessory.


2013: The break-up…

2013 came, and tragedy struck – the Jo-Bros were no more. Each brother was free to pursue an independent music career, and thus an independent style. Nick went on to have a successful solo career, Joe joined the band DNCE, and Kevin got married and had two daughters. Nick remained fairly preppy, though in a more mature, sophisticated kind of way, Joe leaned more into the bad boy style, cracking out the leather jackets and getting a few tattoos, and Kevin just kept things cool and casual. Gone was the long hair, gone was the match-y outfits – the innocent Disney star persona began to fade slightly, as the boys moved away from their ‘child star’ days.

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Present Day…

As the Jonas brothers have grown and changed, so too has their style. Their current look that they sported in the ‘Sucker’ music video is confident, self-assured – they’re letting everyone know that they’re not boys anymore, they’re men.  That’s right, they have facial hair now, they’ve ditched those purity rings and 2/3 of them are married. Having established themselves in the industry now, they know that they don’t have to try as hard and they probably have more of a choice over their wardrobe. They’re rocking bold colours and prints with no regrets, though they’re staying true to their roots. Nick is still quite preppy, Joe still has a bit of an edge, and Kevin is still effortlessly casual. They’re still themselves, just elevated – and we are here for it.

By Tasha Johnson

Cover image: Forbes