Micro Dates: The Secret To A Less Stressful Relationship?

Micro dating is a new idea which has emerged in modern dating. Micro-dating has been designed in attempt to make the whole process of dating much easier and more enjoyable. Micro-dating makes dating part of your daily life and prevents it from becoming a high-pressuring and organised event. Below are a few top suggestions for micro dates:

1. Cooking Dinner Together

We cook dinner everyday and it can be tedious and annoying if you do it alone. Cooking dinner with someone can be fun and often provides a great distraction, which makes the process of making conversation much easier. This is also quite a cheap option, rather than going out for an expensive restaurant meal.

2. Going on a walk

This is a great option as we are approaching the summer months. Walking is a great form of exercise and is also a really great way to de-stress during the busy exam period. If you make this a date you can get to know each other in a laid back and healthy environment. Plus, this is a good option for early on in the dating period as it is easy to cut it short or to continue on to something else.

3. Getting a coffee

Let’s be honest, most of us go for coffee everyday, especially at this time of the year with many deadlines and exams creeping up on us. Getting a coffee with someone is a great way to recharge your energy levels and it also serves as a distraction from revision. Plus, it is a lot more fun to get coffee with someone instead of alone, even if it is on a slightly awkward date.

4. Having a study day

Studying together is quite an obvious date idea and often results in a lack of studying. However, if you really organise for the study day, it can be more productive and fun. Make sure you stay in silence and actually do your work together in the library but then go for coffee breaks, lunch and walks after or in between. This makes the day much easier and gives you something to look forward to when you’re doing your work.

Micro-dating might not be as popular as a generic visit to a restaurant, the cinema or drinks but it can be effective in developing a relationship. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to incorporate micro dating into our daily lives, so you might as well give it a try!

Jess Farmer