New Mental Health Documentary TV Series: A Prince Harry and Oprah Collab

It’s a match made in celebrity heaven. Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and everyone’s favorite royal, is teaming up with the queen of American day-time television, Oprah Winfrey. Together, the pair are the co- creators and executive producers of a new, as of yet untitled, Apple TV+ docu-series tackling the issue of mental health.

The duo have reportedly been working on the series for several months, with Oprah flying to London for “secret meetings” with the Duke to discuss who would direct the show, the content and the type of angle they are aiming to portray, given the sensitive subject matter. But what is obvious is that the pair are not just there to put their names on the poster to boost its viewership, both the Duke and Oprah are deeply committed to the series and are actively involved with the production making process.

The series has a particularly powerful personal meaning to the Prince whose mother, Diana, died when he was only 12 years and which has impacted his own struggles with mental health. The Duke, who as a member of the Royal family would be expected to keep these personal struggles a secret from the public, has been very open due to his role as an Ambassador and Head of many charities that support people with mental health issues. The issue is also close to the other co-producers heart as Oprah believes that the “two main issues facing the world are global warming and mental wellness, mental fitness.” This highlights how important the issue of mental health has become, and that ensuring that everyone has good mental wellness is a key part of the television show’s hopes.

Very little has been said about the content of the series but the aim, as stated by both the Duke and Ms. Winfrey, is that they hope it breaks down some barriers and encourage people to face their issue, and then for them to feel comfortable enough to discuss the issue with another person, highlighting how they are trying to remove some of the stigma that surrounds mental health issues.

The show will broadcast on Apple TV+, but as of yet there is no official launch date.  

Phoebe Walker

Image: Getty