The One-Man Band You Have to See Live to Experience the Wonder: Newton Faulkner at Leeds Beckett Student Union, 01.05.19

An enthusiastic crowd turned out at Leeds Beckett Students Union on Wednesday 1st May, to watch singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner display exactly how he has achieved such longevity in his career. 

Unfortunately, whilst I only managed to catch the end of support act, Charlotte (IAMCHARLOTTE), it was clear that her vocals and songwriting were the perfect fit to open the show; with murmurs of great approval from everyone around the bar suggesting that she went down a treat with the crowd.

Newton walked on stage and sat amongst numerous trigger pads and pedals, before going straight into his incredible catalogue of songs. Whilst it goes without saying, for an artist who has had 6 albums, that the music on show would be amazing, where Newton stood out went beyond his music. It was evident that Newton is an artist at home on the stage. His conversation, interaction and all-around stage presence shows the rest of the industry how it should be done! During one of the songs he split the audience into four, 3 singing parts and a kazoo part, an ingenious way to encourage participation. And saying, “If you don’t like your part feel free to move,” was just one of the tongue in cheek comments made during the show that got the audience well and truly on his side.

Taking a short break from originals to play some songs off of the B side of his latest album, ‘The Very Best of Newton Faulkner… So Far’, Newton showcased his talent for arrangement and also played his signature version of ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’. My personal favourite songs off of the album, ‘Write It On Your Skin’, and ‘Passing Planes’ were both excellently delivered live and sounded just as good as the album versions, but that can be said for all the songs.

Playing more instruments than he has limbs for, all at the same time, Newton displayed how to deliver a captivating 2-hour set with the full backing of an audience!

Header Image Credit: Vanguard Online