The Garden Party: Part 2 – Preview

Yes, it is that time of year again: exam season; fighting to get a seat in Edward Boyle Library; endless Bakery 164s and envying all your friends who finish early and spend the rest of term in Terrace.
But fear not, the next bank holiday is just around the corner, and you know what that means…Garden Party Part 2!

Despite the cold, after Part 1’s success at the beginning of May, expectations are high, and anticipation is building for the second party this year. It was not only the sole topic of conversation two weeks before, but it was all you saw on every social media for a whole week after, so being a part of it is crucial…a University of Leeds rite of passage some might say.

Next Sunday brings Dixon, Solardo, Horse Meat Disco, Jeremy Underground and many many more. All a fitting line up for the, hopefully sunny, last Sunday in May in the grounds of Canal Mills. A perfect day would feature the songs ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ by Horse Meat Disco, followed by ‘Tribesmen’ by Solardo and ending on Dixon’s Beat Edit and The Revenge Rework of Auntie Flo’s ‘Waiting for A (Woman).’ Songs which radiate energy and create the perfect summery atmosphere.

With Canal Mills’ imminent closure, it only seems appropriate to give it a suitable send-off and spend your Sunday dancing in its courtyard. So grab your neon crop top, floral midi skirt and your sunglasses chain and get down to one of the best day parties Leeds has to offer.

If you’re feeling too stressed out with exams and assignments, listen to the Jeremy Underground Selection playlist on Spotify to get yourself in the mood and to get pumped for this Sunday 26th.