The Aussie Underwear Brand who are Tackling Period Problems

An underwear brand with a difference.

Having a period can be inconvenient, expensive, embarrassing and perhaps most importantly, damaging to the environment. With a rising focus on sustainability in fashion, fuelled by documentaries including Stacey Dooley’s Fashion’s Dirty Secrets (BBC) and recent fashion week protests and political statements, it seems we should all be doing more to help reduce waste by throwing away less clothes and less plastics. The 2018 global scientific conference predicted that in just 12 years, the effects of climate change will be irreversible, a shocking claim that proved we are not doing enough, and the garment industry is partially to blame – landfill waste from period products is also partially to blame. Pads are made from 90% plastic, meaning it takes 500 years for a single pad to break down. 

Australian brand Modibodi are attempting to tackle both these key areas to reduce waste from periods with a fully sustainable line of period-proof underwear. Yes that’s right, totally leak free. Designed to be worn, washed, worn again, washed… (you get the idea), Modibodi’s clever technology features a three-layer design which locks away moisture and fights bacteria. It’s truly innovative sustainable fashion at its finest, and we’re so here for it. The range at Modibodi is ever expanding, meaning you needn’t sacrifice style when saving the planet. With so many styles to choose from and a recently launched Vegan range which is free-from wool and made with bamboo and spandex, we think there’s something for everyone. They even have swimwear and activewear, meaning that your period need not prevent you from doing anything anymore.

If they’re good enough to be featured in vogue, they’re good enough for us. It’s 2019, and it’s time we all moved our periods into the modern century and stopped the period taboo. We’re one step closing to having a fully sustainable wardrobe, underwear included.