Olly Murs Still Has The X-Factor, 23.05.19

Olly Murs dazzled at the First Direct Arena on the 23rd May, showing that even a decade after his debut on The X Factor that he is still a cheeky chap from Essex with enough charisma to film the room with palpable charm and energy.

It began in darkness, filled with a montage of the moments you come to associate with the singer; it felt like a journey was taking place and Murs wanted to encompass his career into a set that would serve as a solid portion for those watching. His vocals were smooth and realised, able to carry his slower more heartfelt songs – able to take it back to basics and serenade the audience without his production in full swing – although these moments were rare, they were still enjoyable. However, the undeniable pinnacle of the show was the big, classically Olly numbers. Brought to life by a talented jazz band and backing vocalists added a raw edge to what is known from Murs which made each live performance slightly unique to its studio recording.

He commanded the attention of the room and had fun whilst doing it – a clear performer who revels in the spotlight – witty remarks filled silences and anecdotal monologues to invite us into his world. Where Murs has always stood out in his career is his attitude; always delighting onlookers with a flash of his smile. Though there was nothing seemingly unexpected about the performance – Murs still delivered an evening of light-hearted entertainment. Ending the set with an array of his most known tunes and an eruption of applause for an encore, left a beaming Murs taking his bows in glee.

All Photos Credited to Rupert Lloyd