13 Reasons Why You Should Catch Wallows at Stylus, 11.06.19

Exams are over and whilst it may be a weight off your mind, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ Well if so, we have the perfect cure: a night in the warm crypts of the union to awaken your soul to the brightest LA sun around.

You may know the lead singer, Dylan Minnette, as the grief-stricken Clay from his staring role in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, yet Wallows is more than a side project for wallowing in grief over Hannah Baker. Having released an incredible debut album Nothing Happens something incredible is happening for the band compromising of Minnette, fellow actor Braedon Lemasters, and drum master Cole Preston.

So in a vain act to make a catchy title, I guess I now must tell you the lucky 13 reasons why you should make the trip down to Stylus next Tuesday;

1.Their debut album revitalises the genre of rock with highlights of eighties pop.

2. (Maybe 1b…), it’s like WHAM and The Vaccines had a love child going through teen angst.

3. The OG recording of ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ features Clairo, yet live Lemaster’s own falsetto somehow manages to match the songstress’ tenderness.

4. They have been playing together for going on 10 years and have perfected the whole live thing.

5. Their music is simply addictive. No matter what intentions you have going in for a listen, one song and you’re hooked.

6. Surviving a bus fire, they have (kind of) faced death to get here today.

7. ‘Scrawny’ is just a bop.

8. Because they are 2/3 actors, their videos are like incredibly done- you’ll get none of that bad lip-syncing to the camera here.

9. (I’m not going to lie, thirteen was a big ask for a preview for a band I am yet to see) ‘These Days’ is a breath of fresh air, full of colour coordination and music synchronisation.

10. They are the perfect representation of multifaceted individuals; obnoxious proof that you can be sick at more than one thing.

11. They have a youtube series where they just play board games with other bands, which is pure wholesome content.

12. They’ve got a remix competition going for the soundtrack of their own 8-bit game, because why the hell not?

13. They’re coming all the way from LA, so if not now, when are you going to see them?

Grab your tickets here!

Header Image: Wallows Facebook