Last Chance to Join The Community, 30.06.19

As the hours tick down to Finsbury Park’s annual indie masquerade, here’s our final run down to remind you of the bands which you simply cannot miss.

The Amazons have been labelled proper rock and roll by headliners The Kooks themselves, and their Future Dust album promises this same energy for their Community set. ‘Mother’ has been opening some of their latest sets, so expect the tone for their performance to retain this guitar heavy, amped up mood.

The Irish band, The Academic, who have previously toured the States with The Kooks are sure to bring a vibrant atmosphere to the stage. Unlike some of the larger bands, their discography is continuously innovative and fresh; they do not recycle formulas for indie-rock anthems, and fans consequently react madly to every opening note. Their crowds for earlier festivals have been among the most enthusiastic, and their Community set should be no different.

Having just released a full music video for their new track ‘Your Girlfriend’, which sees a collection of odd costumes collected together for a day out with a narrative spun around envied relationships, the tune itself is precisely what you’d expect from Blossoms; catchy, easy, and playful. It is nothing particularly new, but they have enough well-loved tunes from their first album which should carry them through, even if the reception to the new material proves lacklustre. 

Kate Nash’s new single ‘Body Heat’ shows that even after ten years, Kate has stuck to the tone her fans fell in love with. It oozes nostalgia, from the aged camcorder style video to the dreamy style of the song. The Hunna have been hinting that they might play some new tracks, but their European tour has seen they have stuck to opening and closing with the classics that people want from them. Expect ‘Bonfire’, ‘We Could Be’, and ‘She’s Casual’, as well as new tracks such as ‘Babe, Can I Call?’.

One of the latest line-up additions has been Vistas; an indie-pop band not unlike The Academic, with a collection of well-written, elevating tunes perfect for Community. ‘Eighteen’ is likely to be seen on their setlist, and combined with ‘Retrospect’, should please both old fans, and guests who are there for good music and a sick dance about.

Header Image Michelle Roberts