Five films you won’t mind wasting on a chatty flat night in

We all know that there is nothing more annoying than trying to watch your favourite film or the latest blockbuster and having people talk through it. So, to avoid any flat fallouts or impromptu evictions, here is a list of films you won’t mind having on in the background or as a way to break the ice.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Starting with a golden oldy, someone in your flat is bound to have seen this at least once, because let’s face it – everybody loves Ferris. The film is an easy watch, accompanied by a fun 80s soundtrack and filled with endless quotes. With a simple story, you don’t have to worry if you get distracted or if conversation strikes up, it won’t be hard to jump back in.

The Perfection

This Netflix original thriller is a classic tale of jealousy and competition. I cannot stress how insane this film is; it is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it is bound to capture your attention and throw you a few curveballs. This film is definitely one you will remember watching and is perfect for having a laugh with your friends.

Mean Girls

This movie-night classic fits in perfectly with our list because most people will have seen this close to a hundred times, so you won’t mind having a running commentary track over it. Perfect for a girl’s night in but also one for the boys, the teen drama extravaganza that is ‘Mean Girls’ will surely break the ice as you all relive all the iconic moments.


There is no better way to bond with people than by being scared together! ‘Hush’ is about a deaf writer who is all alone in her house in the woods (you see where this is going), when she suddenly finds herself being attacked by a psychotic killer. This is definitely a film made better by watching it with newfound company.


If you are looking for a more action-packed evening, but don’t want to miss Marvel’s trademark witty dialogue or bring down the tone of the night with something more serious, ‘Zombieland’ is the film for you. Join the star-studded cast as they travel across a dystopian America, cracking jokes, killing zombies and eating twinkies.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures