Seven Films to Cure the Fresher’s Hangover

Fresher’s week is the ultimate introduction to the university lifestyle; independence from home, plenty of free stuff and most of all, some big nights out. Alas, with every big night out comes the dreaded morning-after hangover. But fear not, because I have put together a list of seven films to help you to cure that fresher’s hangover, and what better way to do it than to vegetate in bed with a flick to distract you from the frail form that your body has been left in. So, without further ado, here are your seven hangover-curing films.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is the ultimate feel-good teen movie and if there’s one thing that won’t be feeling good, it’s you. So, raise that mood and bring on those happy feelings by watching a bunch of teenagers dance around school and get deep about life. The killer soundtrack will also get you in the mood to push through for another night of partying!

It’s A Wonderful Life

Now I know it may not be Christmas but anytime is a good time to watch this classic, especially when you need some inspiration and morale. This film offers an excellent reminder of the value of life and will redeem your hope in yourself that life is worth living despite that killer headache.

Requiem For A Dream

This may seem like a strange pick, but just hear me out. Requiem For A Dream is a harrowing film which follows the lives of various addicts down a spiralling trail of despair. You can come at this film from a position of thought that, although you may feel terrible in your current state, at least you’re not in the state of the characters in this film.


If there’s any film in the world that’s going to motivate you to achieve all of your hopes and dreams, it’s Rocky. And right now, your hopes and dreams are to get out of bed, replenish your energy and get back on the lash. So get your blood pumping to the iconic theme tune, and reach that Balboa level of strength that you are begging for.

Human Traffic

Human Traffic follows a bunch of mates going out to party on a Friday night, that’s it really. But if you want a film to motivate you that night-out-number-six is a good idea, it’s this one. Focusing on the club culture of the late nineties with a great introspective commentary, you’re bound to be itching for the next round of pres in no time.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is one of those films that requires very little concentration or thoughtfulness, two things that you will be in a great deficit of. Nonetheless, this comedy cult classic is full of silly jokes and charming moments to lift your mood without requiring too much energy.

The Hangover

Last but most certainly not least, THE magnum opus of hangover films, The Hangover. Ride along with Alan, Phil and Stu as they struggle to piece together their crazy night in Las Vegas, filled with babies, boxers and Bengal tigers. Bonus tip: make it an interactive experience by sending your mates texts throughout asking what on earth happened at Fruity the night before…

Image Credit: United Artist