Korfball: What Is It Anyway?

As a sport that we’re all likely to not have heard before, Korfball stands out in the Varsity fixtures. Korfball Committee explain all as they tell us about what Korfball is and why you should join their society!

Korfball is the only mixed-gender team sport in the world, as women and men work together on equal terms, it is unlike most sports you will have played before. 

Don’t worry if you have never heard of it, neither has anyone else, but it is fast-growing and becoming much more popular in the university and across the country. 

The sport itself is very similar to sports like Netball and Basketball. Korfball however, is a much more relaxed game. Meaning that although it is exciting and challenging, like so many other sports at Leeds, it is the perfect sport for athletes of all levels. With the sport being one of the only mixed-gender sports societies available at the University of Leeds, we aim to be as inclusive as possible. The club has three teams competing in leagues across Yorkshire this year, meaning there is space for everyone to get game time, no matter how experienced you are!

“Don’t worry if you have never heard of it, neither has anyone else”

As well as training and weekly socials, including obligatory Otley Runs, we take part in various tournaments throughout the year around the UK, including Sheffield, Edinburgh and Leicester, giving you the opportunity to show off your Korfball skills. 

As well as making sure that after the hard work, each is accompanied by a huge night out in the city that the tournament takes place in. The biggest tournament and highlight of the Korfball calendar takes place in the Netherlands – where we stop off in Amsterdam for a few days to see the sights after competing against Korfball clubs from across Europe.

No expensive equipment is required to play the game and we boast that we are one of the most affordable sports societies at the University, as membership is just £25! All you need is normal gym kit and the courage to try something new.

So why not come along and try out korfball with us! Our Give It A Go is on 9th October 5-7pm, and training is every Wednesday 5-7 and Thursday 7-8! Join their Facebook group for updates throughout the year