Sunflower Thieves soothe on new release ‘Heavy Weight’

Sunflower Thieves debut their second release, ‘Heavy Weight’, the perfect soundtrack to your autumn.

The second release from Leeds based indie-folk duo Sunflower Thieves, ‘Heavy Weight’ is perfectly timed; as the weather cools down, the pair have just delivered the musical equivalent of a hot cup of tea on a frosty day. Though their career is still unfolding, they have already managed to establish a distinctively ethereal sound that compels the listener completely; melancholy and intimate, ‘Heavy Weight’ solidifies the two as ones to watch undoubtedly. 

If there is one thing that Sunflower Thieves have mastered, it is their harmonies – defining themselves as a ‘soulful sisterhood’, they both have beautiful voices on their own part, that’s for sure. The combination of the two together, however, creates some of the most rousing harmonies possible. This, alongside the stripped back guitar, expertly crafts a gorgeous autumn soundtrack. 

Atmospheric and lulling, there is an intensely soothing quality to ‘Heavy Weight’, perhaps stemming from the magical way in which their voices melt together. This is amplified by the heartfelt, arresting lyrics; it is perfectly comforting, and the palpably personal nature of the lyrics is to blame for this. As with earlier release, ‘Two Halves’, Sunflower Thieves are more than adept at effortlessly enveloping you in a narrative immediately, and this is increasingly apparent on ‘Heavy Weight’. 

With a headline show at Oporto on the horizon, it seems it is only upwards for Sunflower Thieves. Catching their ambient, unique sounds now would be a wise idea; Sunflower Thieves is an apt name, considering their music will steal your heart too.