Timedance: Batu, Danielle, Chekov – Review

Much like the previous time Batu brought his label Timedance to the Wire basement, he impressed the crowd with a set of songs that slowly increased in pace, intensity, and bass. However, unlike last time where Bruce played b2b with Batu all night long to a much smaller and more responsive crowd, this set was nothing unexpected; it felt as if he was playing it safe.

While the music was good, it didn’t leave me awe-struck – understandably, this could be more of a reflection of my own music taste as opposed to the DJs’ performances. Leeds’ very own Chekov started the night off well with some nice, chuggy tunes which progressed smoothly into Danielle’s more bass-driven techno, a style that can be traced back to her time spent in Bristol. Aside from the music, the crowd and atmosphere were on good form.

Though the event sold out, it wasn’t quite as squished-sardines as it could have been, and the room didn’t feel like it was overrun with the intense nervous excitement of 18-year-old freshers. I ended up having a lot of fun, dancing to solid music whilst surrounded by great pals.

Overall, Batu summed up the progression of the night pretty accurately, giving a meagre answer of “it’s alright” at the start, and when asked again at the end, a slightly less apathetic answer of “yeah…it was pretty good”.

Header Image from Resident Advisor