Virgo vs Libra Season (S1E3): Florentino, India Jordan, Eruchie – Review

The third event from Season’s astrology-themed club night made its Chunk debut last week, and it was a wonderfully intimate night.

Season is the spiritual successor to the Come Thru parties and, just like its predecessor, it stands to be one of Leeds‘ most exciting and diverse parties. It’s the sort of night out that doesn’t really feel like a night out in the conventional sense.

Often hosted in small, DIY venues, it attracts a wide range of partygoers and, while the sounds are heavy, frenetic and euphoric, it’s never overwhelming or alienating. It’s a club space that puts forward self-expression and true, joyful appreciation of music. And it’s all so fun –  something that seems to be forgotten on a lot of nights out these days.

While the music is experimental at times, it never feels distant or intimidating. The experimentation is less ego-driven and self-indulgent and instead seems to come from a desire to transgress genre; a welcome change from the almost dogmatic dance scene at the moment, where the idea of playing around on the decks involves the odd ‘ironic’ pop tune or hides under the guise of the pretentious ‘deconstructed club music’ label.

Instead, Season is wholeheartedly sincere in its celebration of all dance music and dancing itself. It benefits from its DIY venues as there is no (obvious) pressure to conform and turn a profit; instead, this is a communal event that makes even the reluctant clubber feel like they’re just dancing in their bedroom with a couple of mates.