Bakar asks Will You Be My Yellow? in his latest album

Bakar has consistently brought a breath of fresh air to the London rock scene and there is no denying that his new project Will You Be My Yellow? enters a new era for the Camden-native.

The project gives off a more relaxed, breezy aura in comparison to his heavier 2018 debut album Badkid, perhaps due to the non-stop touring this man has done over the last 2 years with over 40 shows across the UK. Bakar is exhausted but by no means has this affected the quality of his work.

The project title is referenced throughout the project stringing all the tracks together using Yellow to reference practically everything from his girl, drugs, sunlight and his dreams to literal stomach bile.

With tracks such as ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Cashmere Tears’, it’s clear that Bakar has been through a rocky relationship with his ‘Yellow’ crooning lines such as “We had cracks in our pavement, never set in stone. Left alone, only see you at shows, and it shows” it’s blatant that Bakar has caught a glimpse of the dark side of the ‘Big Dreams’ that he once had providing a somewhat melancholic reminiscent feeling to the project.

Even the title of the projects ska and reggae influenced single track, ‘Hell n Back’, indicates that Bakar has been through some serious s**t over the past year.

However, we do see some of the, dare I say, old Bakar in ‘Been A Minute’ which provides some quality headbanging content which will no doubt go down well at the live shows.

Bakar’s first feature track with Dominic Fike is an outstanding fusion of the LA and London scene which will no doubtedly jumpstart Bakar into the US scene. Bakar will be bringing his live show all the way to LA for his first ever US headline show in November after his sold-out Electric Brixton show.

Receiving praise from legends such as Virgil Abloh, Skepta and even Elton John, Bakar has been heralded as a shining light for the future of UK rock and indie with this new project only confirming these ambitions.