Call Super entrances @ Wire

Chesca Henderson-Cox made her way down to Wire on the 28/09/2019 to fall under Call Super’s sonic spell as her took over the packed out venue.

Pumping tunes beckoned me onto the dance floor, red and green smoke cascaded along the perimeter of Wire. The bass was pounding and pulsating through everyone’s physical being, as your mind was led on an electro-journey…

The first section of Call Super’s set had a dark undertone to it, veering towards ritualistic. The atmospheric sounds conjured an image of tribal warriors performing in unison, the uniformity mirrored in the crowd as Wire’s dance floor became their territory. More was still to come, as the tone hadn’t shifted into full dance music at this point, with a friend praising the conniving, mischievous and menacing tones.

The musical journey was progressively led into a phase of trance, until tactfully adding drum motives. This transition led us into a drum-based break-beat section which really got the crowd riled. Comparing this to his first section of tribal music, (which was slow start) with a low BPM, I’d say the second half proved he didn’t come to play it safe.

As the drums layered up into crescendo, techno hit the club hard. Wire quickly filled up and suddenly it was hard to dance. At one-point Super was mixing thumping techno with grime/garage classics which spun my head a full 360 degrees. Finally the audience were in their element, savouring the dance groove, alongside the spicy flavour of Grime based beats. Tingly steal pans tinkered through the mix and the groove was transported from Africa all the way to Leeds. As Saturday nights go, Call Super set off ours off with a bang.

Listen to Call Super here: