FINNEAS Shows His Brilliance On New Album ‘Blood Harmony’

While most people know of the world famous superstar Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell, her brother, producer, co-writer and live instrumentalist, known as FINNEAS, just released his first solo project, Blood Harmony. Having already proven he is a great producer through the making of his sister’s tracks, written and recorded in their room, Finneas has quickly become one of the most brilliant new talents to follow.

With songs such as ‘I Lost a Friend’ and ‘Partners in Crime’, Finneas gives us theatrical and cinematic feels. With an immaculate production for the former blending nicely with the synths and his intimate vocals, and highly detailed production for the latter, we are taken on his personal journey. The vocal layering in most of the tracks, such as ‘Die Alone’, play a massive part in the making of the album, making the songs more interesting, and allowing him to create his own space.

‘I Don’t Miss You at All’’s clean production, through its chords and snappy details, creates an upbeat song with a clever use of rhythm, which reminds us of some of the songs produced for When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?. It seems to be THE song of the album which showcases his musical gift most clearly. Writing and recording it while touring with his sister, Blood Harmony definitely shows off Finneas’ genius and production brilliance, allowing his solo album to contrast nicely with Billie’s darker vibes and proving to the world that he can definitely do it all.