Ten Tonnes Leaves Leeds Bouncing, 11.10.19

A Friday night in Leeds with Ten Tonnes had the potential to be excellent. Filling the Beckett Student Union with an excitable crowd, the tour followed appearances at seemingly every festival in the UK, after the release of his self-titled debut album earlier this year. Arriving on stage to ‘Sweet Caroline’, the largely young crowd lapped up the opportunity for a sing-along, ready to bounce along to the 23 year old’s set.

Ten Tonnes’ steady indie rock excels at classic guitar hooks and choruses you can’t help but sing and dance to, and this seems to charm the younger people in the room effortlessly – it’s the kind of easy listening that invites you to jump around with your friends, and that’s arguably what they are here for. Despite the up-tempo songs, Ten Tonnes’ voice manages to be soothing, something which was particularly apparent in the one stripped back moment of the set, ‘Love Me To Death’. A highlight was definitely the unexpected cover of ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’, a notably sweet moment.

However, the set did seem to fall flat in a way. Though Ten Tonnes’ music is good, it often runs the risk of becoming repetitive. Aside from the occasional moment, the songs did begin to blur into one somewhat. They all seem to be incredibly similar, and whilst this can be quite nice if you are looking for something which is familiar and predictable, in a live setting it just feels as though something is lacking. I think partially this is due to the kind of music that Ten Tonnes is making – it’s classic indie rock, which is always nice, but when there are so many artists pushing the limits of the genre and reinventing it, it becomes a bit stale. It was definitely an enjoyable set, but unfortunately, it’s failure to change pace drastically left it feeling somewhat lacklustre.