Everyday People showcase local Leeds talent with their latest single ‘Small Islands’

Our very own print editor Jessica McCarrick reminds us what local Leeds talent is lurking down our very side streets.

A delectable collection of smooth melodies comes forth in the latest single from local band Everyday People. As students at the University of Leeds, the homely touch from their music is clear. Not to shy from local gigs this band have played Varsity at the Headingly Verity Stadium, along with supporting Red Rum Club at Brudenell Social Club. Playing a 360 Club gig on the 18th October with Alan Raw from BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. Other than this they’re back in the studio – so look out for new music coming soon. 

The single itself is soft; comforting as the gooey vocals fill your ears, bringing a warmth with it. Maeve Florsheim as vocalist is able to smoothly transition across different octaves, talking of strength when things go wrong. This almost motivational tune allows for an oasis to be found not only in the lyrics but in the soulful instrumentals behind them.

The members work efficiently together as the components roll over each other creating layers of funk that play easily in the ear – complimenting the vocals – encouraging the listener to relax and allow for a step back to really appreciate the softness of this piece. 

Overall, this single offers a great introduction to the band if you are a new listener and captures their sound perfectly. Other works from them are similar, showing the fluidity the band already have in their own style. They are frantically funky and have dance-worthy tracks that would not go a miss on a Tuesday at Hifi – perfect for a Leeds student wanting to support local artists. 

[IMAGE: Local Sound Focus]