The Best Burgers in Leeds

Laura gives her top five burger restaurants in Leeds to satisfy your cravings and spare you from cooking.

Sometimes, nothing beats a burger. You can go to as many fancy restaurants as you like, but every so often your body just needs a big slab of meat (or not meat!), sandwiched between carbs. So with that in mind, here’s a rundown of the best burgers in Leeds. 

For the choice:

Handmade Burger Co: Based in Trinity, this much more open, bright setting is perfect for a bit of lunch in-between lectures and shopping. Their veggie menu is lush; from Mexican to Thai themed burgers, their vegan and veggie options go a bit further than the basic halloumi offering. If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter (and cheaper), Handmade Burger Co also offer beef, chicken and vegan ‘smaller’ burgers. In my experience, this is still plenty of food, and the  smaller options are still eligible for a student discount of 25% – a win-win situation. With so many choices, it’s hard to recommend just one, but I would start with the Mexican burger for something a bit different.

For the vegetarian:

Patty Smith’s Burger Co: Amongst the action in Belgrave Music Hall, you’ll find Patty Smith’s Burgers, home to one of the best burgers (and THE best) veggie burger in Leeds. While there might not be as much choice as some of the other places I’ve mentioned, what they do offer is amazing. Their jackfruit veggie burger with a dollop of sriracha sauce is to die for, and their classic dirty burger comes with everything you would expect in a burger, all sandwiched in a beautiful brioche bun. The atmosphere in Belgrave is amazing, and with burgers from £6 – £9 (and student discount), it is a Leeds must.

For the chicken:

Byron: Now hear me out, I know this list should be made up of little independent burger places, but the Byron burger really is amazing. Not only is their Clucky Smashed Avo Burger probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted, it also comes with chips! I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more annoying than having to pay for chips separately (cough *Five Guys* cough). Their menu isn’t exactly what you would call ‘budget’, but there is always a solid student discount which makes it a little more bearable on the wallet. Personally, I would say it’s the best chicken burger on this list, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re sorted. Their milkshakes are also perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, but I would recommend some loose trousers if you plan on a burger and a milkshake, trust me. 

For the carnivores:

MeatLiquor: As the name suggests, this place is a meat-eater’s heaven. The restaurant itself is hidden underground, with a cool basement vibe and lots of American décor. The menu alone makes this place worthy of being on the list; with a massive range of beef and chicken burgers, a make-your-own hot dog menu and some interesting vegetarian options, this place has a bit of something for everyone. The burgers are a messy business (which I blame on their ‘hippie sauce’), but they’re burgers that you can really get stuck into. Their chip portions are generous, although separately priced which we’ll try and ignore. I would recommend going for their lunchtime deal which is any burger, chips and unlimited soft drinks for £10!

Almost Famous: 

If you’re a beef burger fan, there’s nowhere better than Almost Famous. While their chicken and veggie options are limited, the creativity and originality in their classic and loaded beef burgers is definitely worth checking out. Whether you fancy a pizza themed burger, or a burger loaded with mac ‘n’ cheese AND pulled pork (my personal favourite), this place really knows how to beef up their burgers! The atmosphere is chilled, tucked away in the centre of Leeds, with funky décor and dimmed lighting. While it might not be the cheapest on the list, it’s worth the price if you’re looking for a dirty beef burger with a bit of oomph. 

Laura Kerr