Miles Kane Provides An Intimate Show at The Wardrobe

It’s undeniable that Miles Kane is both looking and sounding fresh as he embarks on his ‘Crispy’ tour. Sporting brand new, bleach-blonde hair, he sauntered onto stage and gave The Wardrobe one of its best sold-out shows to date.

The night played host to an entire realm of fans, with older blokes sporting mod haircuts and a younger generation decked out in parkas, and shamefully, also an alarming amount of bucket hats – everyone was in the mood.

As at every indie gig ever, there was an innumerable amount of chants as we waited for Miles, ranging from Yorkshire and football to the obvious cheering for Miles himself. Soon enough, the man himself graced us with one of the most energetic performances I’ve ever seen in such a small venue.

Larger than life and beyond enigmatic, Miles opened with ‘Coup De Grace’ to get the crowd bouncing while still keeping the show as magical as possible. Quite clearly putting heart and soul into his performance, the ‘Inhaler’ singer continuously made eye contact with those around him – crowd and crew – to make the experience that much more personal and intimate.

Throughout the setlist, hits were spread out – we got to hear the amazing ‘Rearrange’ and ‘Come Closer’  that many will know even if they aren’t explicit fans of Miles Kane – all before he provided the most killer encore with ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’.

After a show like that, it’s hard to fathom how wild Miles will be when Liam Gallagher’s tour kicks off in November. Either way, he’s keeping it crispy.

All images by Kelsey Raynor.