Treat Your Shelf: Words to Warm You This Winter

Winter is slowly creeping upon us, which means that (along with eating entire cheeseboards whilst spluttering “Whatever! It’s Christmas!”) the season for dark nights with fluffy socks, a brew, a good book, and a festive Yankee candle is almost here. As a bookseller, and a certified bookworm, I feel fully qualified to share what I think are the best reads to have on your shelves this year, ready for those long evenings.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis

Although this is ‘technically’ a children’s book, The Chronicles of Narnia have been drawing readers of all ages into its magical, snowy landscapes for over sixty years! I think, for an adult, the festivity of this book relies on nostalgia; I read this, and I am immediately transformed into a giddy nine-year-old, with all of my siblings around me, eating Heroes on Christmas day. If an eternal winter, Turkish delight and the White Witch can’t get you ready for Christmas, I’m not too sure what will.

In the Time We Lost – Carrie Hope Fletcher

Hot off the printing press, in this novel Fletcher follows her protagonist, Luna Lark, on a journey of self-discovery and love. The warm joy of Fletcher’s writing derives from the positivity, magic and romance that she so carefully weaves into her narratives, and she has also set her story in the midst of a surprise snow storm, making it even more perfect for this time of year. In The Time We Lost is waiting patiently on my book case, and I cannot wait to give it a read after the success of her previous work.

The Wych Elm – Tana French

Following Toby’s descent from his easy, middle-class lifestyle to paranoia and injury, I think that limiting The Wych Elm to the crime and thriller genres is not doing French’s writing the justice that it so deserves. With themes ranging from family dynamics and personal identity to the concepts of luck and nostalgia, I can promise that this book will have you gripped until the very last page. I always find these kinds of books a pleasure during this time of year; I suppose that it replaces my craving for a horror film during this season‘s long, cold nights!

Frostheart – Jamie Littler

This is genuinely one of the sweetest and most heart-warming books that I have read this year. Following Ash, who is aboard a sleigh called the Frostheart, Littler beautifully writes about family and friendship whilst making readers chuckle at his various comical explorer characters, who are travelling with Ash. Again, this title is a children’s book, and would be a perfect gift for any little ones in your life!

Image Credit” Penguin Books