Flux’s Halloween Special Doesn’t Quite Live Up to Expectations

For the spookiest night of the year, there was only one place to be: Flux’ Halloween Special went all-out for spooky vibes with four rooms and a staggering amount of DJ sets. The bunker featured DJs from both Duende and Truelove, all of which delivered banger after banger, and there were mixes of cheesy tunes in almost every single room- at least three different versions of You Spin Me Round were heard (an unspoken Halloween anthem? Who knows).

Image from Flux’s Facebook

Despite being sold out, the dance floors of each room seemed to be rather sparse- perhaps, like me, most of the people making the pilgrimage out to Beaverworks that night got caught in the Great Uber Traffic Nightmare on the A61 (thank god our uber driver at least had some banging tunes).

The basement room oddly did not feature the head-poundingly heavy drum and bass beats one would expect from a night at Beaverworks. Instead, the hazier dance sounds of Nabihah Iqbal filled the room; not an unwelcome change, but one perhaps more suited to an upstairs room of the venue.

Image from Flux’s Facebook

The main room, as the centre of the festivities, did redeem the night somewhat; Tom Trago was the star of the show, serving up electro beats that kept the crowd moving into the early hours of the morning- though a surprising amount of people seemed to just be doing their best zombie impressions.

Flux’s Halloween, at least this year, made for a not too notable night out; however, I still have high hopes for the next event- their Christmas Party, a dub-heavier take on the season’s festivities.