Kate Tempest Preview @ Belgrave Music Hall 12.11.19

Kate Tempest has two sold out shows in the coming week at Belgrave Music Hall, and Hollie Griss is here to tell us why.

An icon of modern spoken word, Kate Tempest is set to grace the Belgrave Music Hall on 12 November.

Tempest’s remarkable verses have provided an unforgiving commentary on the state of the world, as well as more personal conflicts, since 2014. With each new release she brings a fresh chapter of her poetry and her person, elegantly intertwining the musicality of spoken word with the political discourse it provides.

From the mellow beats and assured rap of ‘Theme from Becky’, to her incessant exploration of modern politics in ‘Europe is Lost’, to the more subdued but equally candid tracks of her latest album, The Book of Traps and Lessons, Tempest’s set will be sure to take you on a journey of chaos, wit and an unparalleled sense of unity.

Hollie Griss

[Header image credit: Wonderzine]