Movember: What Else Can We Do For Men’s Health?

For over 15 years now, men around the world have been growing out the hair on their top lips every November to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Focussing primarily on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention; the Movember movement sees over a million men (or “Mo Bros”) grow out their moustaches to raise money and awareness. By now, the sight of thick imperial moustaches and wispy tufts of hair alike are a more than welcome sight as the winter days start closing in each year. But with all three of the big issues Movember tries to tackle being year-round problems and not just problems for the month of November, what else can we do to raise support for men’s health that doesn’t involve growing facial hair?

Move for Movember

Movember’s facial hair awareness campaign should be more than familiar to most people. However, their “Move for Movember” drive has received far less attention than their main campaign. The idea behind this is to run or walk 60km over the course of November to raise money for charities that tackle men’s mental health. As the Movember charity says on their website, “That’s 60km for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour across the world.” Find out more information here:

Host for Movember

If you still want to get involved with Movember but don’t want to grow hair OR run then you still have one option. The charity is looking for people to host fun events to raise money and awareness throughout the month. Suggesting everything from dinner parties to sports events, this method of fundraising leaves a lot of room for freedom and fun whilst doing important work for lifesaving causes.
Find out more information here:

Support Movember Causes

Not happy to settle with their main campaigns, Movember has helped set up or fund over 1200 men’s health projects since their inception. On top of this, they also donate a large portion of their money to charities like “Prostate Cancer UK” that do exceptional work for men’s health. If you can’t or don’t feel like growing out your ‘tache this November, you can still get involved by donating to one of their extra projects or volunteering with their partner charities.

Movember Alternatives

November is a fantastic time to do a lot for men’s health causes under the Movember banner. However, there are a lot of other charities who do equally as important work for men’s health and fundraise the entire year round. Why not take part in events that run during Men’s Health Week in June or taking part in a prostate or testicular cancer march? Charities like “Prostate Cancer UK” not only work with Movember but also hold their own events like fun runs and sporting events throughout the year which are advertised on their websites.

If you’re a man of any age, then the issues Movember raises awareness about are ones that could have a direct impact in your life. The Leeds Student Medical Practice has a range of resources available on testicular, prostate, and mental health as well as same day appointments for those in need of support.

Matthew Jeffery