High on Life: All the Fun, None of the Hangover

For Alcohol Awareness week, High on Life society told us all about how being sober at university and not enjoying yourself definitely don’t correlate.

Being a non-drinker at university can be a really alienating experience, especially when so much of university life seems to revolve around getting drunk on nights out, and this ultimately can have a damaging impact on your mental health. This feeling is certainly something that the members of the High on Life Society have felt at some point during university, especially during Freshers Week, which is why the society was formed! 

The High on Life Society is for everyone, whether you don’t drink at all and want some super chilled out alcohol-free socials, or you just want a break from boozy student life. We run events which we believe everyone can feel welcome and included at.

During Freshers Week this year, we ran an alternative timetable of events to the alcohol-heavy ‘wristband events’, where we went trampolining and bowling, ran a café crawl, and went to the Old Bar Pub Quiz! 

We’ve had loads of super fun events this term as well, from a Macmillan Coffee evening with tasty treats and exciting games to running a trip to Alton Towers Scare Fest for Halloween. We try to include everyone’s preferences when planning events, so we make sure we have everything from chilled out film nights for students looking for a relaxed social, to our own version of club nights with cheesy tunes without the alcohol!

If our Society sounds like something you’d love to get involved with, you can find us on Facebook by searching LUU High on Life or email us at highonlifesociety@gmail.com.

There’s also no need to be nervous about coming to our events, as we make sure all our events have a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, even if they haven’t come to an event before! Members of our society often feedback that the society has helped their mental health and ensured they no longer feel isolated at university, as they’re aware that non-drinking is normal and there are other students like then.

We hope we’ll be seeing some of you at our upcoming events, as whether you’re a non- drinker and this is the Society you’ve been looking for all along or you just want to try some alcohol-free socials, we’d love to meet you!

High on Life Society

Photo credit: LUU High on Life Society Facebook Page