Movember: Looks and Lessons

Online editor Sarah collates some products to help your Movembers, and reflects on the lessons the campaign offers on doing sartorial charity right.

The LUU media teams are doing a combined Movember, donate here:

By growing a moustache to ‘save a bro’, all money raised from Movember goes towards men’s health causes, including Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and mental health/suicide prevention.

Many fashion brands now jump on the charity wagon, rolling out token products that offer up a small percentage of sales to causes. While every little does help, these endorsements often feel hollow, and products may lack financial affordability or have low ethical standards which seems to hypocritically undermine their efforts.

Movember, however, is a universally accessible initiative. The moustache’s unmissable statement makes it a great model for future projects. It shows that style can make for effective altruism when it remains open to all, and sends a clear, proud message about the cause it’s collecting for.  

For those embracing their new look, we’ve collated a moustache kit to make November that little bit smoother and tidier. Though support for the bros need not just come from the bros, and shaving brand Billie encourages women to down the wax, bleach and razors, and embrace Movember too, see here: For men and women who are struggling with the home-grown, we’ve also scoured out some alternative tashes (we hear marker pens work wonders). Check out RAG president Darla Dryland’s efforts here:

Beard Oil, Horace, £10
credit: Horace
Wax, MoBros, £6, Various Scents
credit: NotOnTheHighStreet
Comb, MoBros, £3
credit: MoBros
Vinyl Moustache Decals, Etsy, £2.03
credit: Etsy
Straws, £3.75, Ebay
credit: Ebay
credit: Amazon