Writer Recomendations: Tote Bags

Us Gryphon fashion writers, have a bit of a penchant for our tote bags. The beloved accessory is rarely far from site on the Leeds campus, so we decided we‘d talk you through our favourites and why we love them so much. 

credit: Loqi

Iona Tompkins: I adore my LOQI tote bag which depicts Japanese artist Hokusai‘s great wave woodcut print. I think the fact that the print is all over gives the design a real edge on other alternatives, and it makes a great addition to any outfit. The bag also comes with a little pouch, which you can fold the whole bag up into or use as a mini purse. The bag also brings back fond memories, as I bought it after seeing a beautiful exhibition of contemporary Asian art at the Saatchi gallery in London.  It‘s a nice feeling to always have piece of art at your side.

credit: Lucy and Yak

Faye Clayton: My tote of choice is the Lucy and Yak Recycled Cotton Twill Tote bag in Lemon. Not only does the yellow shade provide a cheerful pop of colour to any outfit, the bag is completely sustainable, made entirely from waste fabric. The leftover material  from the iconic Lucy and Yak dungarees is placed to the side to and crafted into this beautiful tote by a team of local tailors. This bag can easily fit a laptop and a few books in, therefore making it perfect for sporting around campus. I chose the soft lemon colour as it provides a pop of sunshine in the dark winter university days.

credit: SnowFoxTradingCo

Lizzie Wright: Personally I like my tote bags to show off my interests, while supporting smaller artists. My Violet Chachki tote was commissioned as a birthday present from an Etsy artist here in the UK – much better than supporting cheap and unethically produced products that have to be shipped from abroad. Tote bags are an affordable way to spice up any simple library outfit and display your personality, whilst still being able to carry all your books, and they can be a great conversation starter too! If you can afford it, you can commission an artist to make you a custom design, or even try your hand at it yourself for a great way to show off your individuality. Artist: @snowfoxtradingco on Etsy.

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