Dua Lipa Delves into Disco in Her New Single ‘Don’t Start Now’

Dua Lipa is the new queen of pop. Period. But she doesn’t take that title lightly and her latest single ‘Don’t Start Now’ exceeds our expectations – the delicious disco dream anthem we never knew we needed.

Once again, Dua Lipa gives us what we want. After her first album raised the bar very high, Lipa manages to exceed our expectations. Her new single, ‘Don’t Start Now’ hosts a catchy bass line (most probably the best one of the year) that you may never get out of your head. 

The pop song is, as expected, very uplifting, fierce, and of course, from a feminist point of view, sassily telling her lover, and warning future ones, that she moved on and is happily living her life. 

The music video highlights those points, with the camera following the pop star into different parties, which starts with Lipa throwing the camera(man) on the floor. The video at first seems positive, but we come to realise that, we, the viewers, signify the male gaze, harassing her. It evidently ends with Lipa taking the power back and we’re returned to the first few seconds of the music video.

With such a strong new single, Dua Lipa proves once again that no matter what genre she leans towards, girl power and female representation will always be a priority in her songs as well as music videos. I don’t know about you, but if this is a taster of what the album will sounds like, I can’t wait. and we cannot wait for the entire album to come out.

Sarah Ashford Brown