Orla Gartland Gives an Inspiring Set at The Wardrobe

There were definitely no “lonely people” at Orla Gartland’s sold out tour at the Wardrobe last week. People of all ages piled through the doors after waiting eagerly to be front row, and she didn’t disappoint. As a recent, developing artist, Gartland played all of the hits: ‘Why Am I Like This?’; ‘I Go Crazy’ and new single ‘I Did It To Myself’ as well as some classics from the first EP in 2015: ‘Lonely People’ and ‘Whispers’ for those who have been fans since the start of her YouTube career. The freshness of her career means her discography is in the developing stages, giving her the freedom to perform every song as well as testing new songs or experimenting with covers of other fan favourites.

I first heard Orla Gartland’s music earlier this year when I saw her supporting Dodie on tour. Needless to say I was drawn to the indie-rock/pop combination and the anthemic power of her lyrics. There was something more than this with Gartland’s performance though, not just her music, but her performance was something rare and therefore spectacular. It’s become uncommon in contemporary society to come across a female artist who is as talented at guitar as singing and who embraces this, playing guitar through their set. There is something incredibly powerful about a young woman diving into a male-dominated field of live bands and lead guitar, ultimately it adds to the experience and atmosphere. Gartland does this perfectly, interacting with her band and the audience simultaneously, creating an immersive and exciting experience and giving young musicians something to aspire towards with their own music.

All images credit to Charlotte Smith.