SEX EDUCATION: Ticklish and Fun

‘Sex Education’ hit our screens back in January. After its release, the show gained approximately 14 million viewers all around the world. Why?

It’s a story about a shy and innocent young boy, Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who despite his personal sex issues has the answers to all awkward sex life questions, thanks to his mom (Gillian Anderson), who is a sex therapist. So, rebellious Maeve (Emma Mackey) persuades him to open a school sex-therapy clinic, and Otis begins giving sex advice to his school mates.

This Netflix show uncovers different hard and fun topics in an excellent manner. ‘Sex Education’ tackles a variety of hard-to-stomach issues, such as adolescent pregnancy, abortion, familial relationships and, as the title would suggest, the sex lives of young people. Laurie Nunn, the writer and director, presented all these ticklish themes with fantastic and very respectful humour. It is indeed a show that pushes the boundaries with an original plot, exciting dialogue, and aesthetic composition.

The show’s creators truly wanted to have a good product, and you can see their dedication and care from the costumes to the fantastic selection of music. What is also interesting is that actors had an intimacy director and choreographer for all sex scenes. All cast members involved in sex scenes had different workshops, where young stars would learn how to act in potentially awkward situations making scenes erotic, not filthy, and nice to watch.

Therefore, the question is – when will we enjoy the second season of this beautifully made masterpiece?

Well, according to all accessible information, the second season will be released in January 2020, as now it is in the process of filming and postproduction. Also, in the ‘Sex Education’: Season 2 announcement video, one can see that all beloved characters from the first season will be back in the second one. Season two will pick up from where we left off. ‘Sex Education’ is indeed an inimitable Netflix show that has originality in its favour, that is crucial for both viewers and crew.

Image Credit: The Atlantic