Pond Bring Immense Energy to Electric Brixton

Being introduced to the band in summer 2015 at Rock en Seine and seeing them again last summer at We Love Green festival in Paris, I have grown to love Pond. However, as much as I really enjoyed these two concerts, being present at their sold out London gig at the iconic Electric Brixton venue was something else.

From the first instant, the crowd was already on fire. Frontman Nick Allbrook’s energy was spectacular, connecting with the audience and putting on the best show I’ve witnessed so far, with a total rock star attitude and professionalism emerging from him. I cannot even say this surprised me as I know that Pond’s live performances will always exceed my expectations, however I will say that the energy and excitement in the room did take them by surprise.

Old and new songs from their latest album Tasmania were played, with the crowd, which was the biggest mix of people you could imagine, knowing all the words, constant mosh pits, crowd surfing from audience members, Nick’s iconic dance moves or standing on security barriers. With every member playing a crucial part in the group formation, each bringing their own performance style and making it so coherent yet different, Pond is definitely the most underrated group around at the moment.