All I Want for Christmas is Sustainable Gifts

Christmas is the time of the year where everyone, whether wanting to save the planet or not, becomes a consumer. I don’t want to ruin everyone’s Christmas by telling you to buy less, so instead, here is a list of sustainable, slow fashion and independent businesses with great gift ideas. You will not only make your family member happy with these pieces, but you are supporting small business owners too. 

Just Harry Designs: reusing old denim materials she finds in charity shops and reworks them to make some unique pieces.

Limpet Store: embroidering on t shirts, jumpers, and who recently made some original Christmas cards too!

Girls With Pearls: offer the cutest hair and colourful accessories which will not hurt your wallet, handmade in Germany.

This: jewellery make more personal and unique made to order pieces.

credit: This

Bobbi Rae: is where you need to shop if you want Yorkshire based fun, colourful and feminist little pressies from cards and prints to stickers and print.

Sarah Jun Ashford-Brown