Leeds McDonald’s Launches Investigation after Security Guard Kicks Man in the Head

McDonald’s has launched an investigation after a video released on social media shows a security guard kick a man in the head outside Leeds McDonald’s on Merrion Street.

The incident took place outside the McDonald’s in St Johns Centre on Merrion Street, shortly after 2am yesterday morning.

The video, taken by a bystander, shows a security guard kick a man in the head whilst he is laid on the floor. The security guard then raises his fists as the man gets up and runs off.

The footage was originally posted on Facebook and has since been widely shared on social media. Facebook comments on the video included “arseholes with a little bit of power” and “Where’s the rest of the video?”

Witnesses say the man who was kicked and two of his friends had been aggressive towards security staff after they were denied entry to McDonald’s and they reportedly appeared to be intoxicated.

McDonald’s has launched an investigation into the incident and said that the man will not be working at any of their restaurants whilst the investigation is taking place.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said:

“It is completely unacceptable to see anyone behaving this way, and we are in the process of fully investigating the incident. The individual in question works for an external security company and will not be on duty at any of our restaurants while the investigation is ongoing.”

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) website states: “Licensing ensures that private security operatives are ‘fit and proper’ persons who are properly trained and qualified to do their job.”

(Image: Google Maps)