An Unconventional Self-Care Guide

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As the term limps on, it is easy to feel a bit disillusioned. A bit like university is pulling you along by your ankles and you have no choice but to limp alongside, exhausted, academically confused and having succumbed to the frozen pizza diet more than you’re willing to let on.
Perhaps deadlines are on the horizon, social plans, job applications. And yet, for all this looking ahead, you feel you’ve left yourself somewhere behind.

Thankfully, a bit of self-care can bring your mojo back. Here are some unconventional tips to help you thrive during this last segment of term.

Firstly, plan in some time for yourself.

No matter how busy you are, you cannot get through the week without some down time and you’ll find this will have a positive impact on how you use your other time too. Plan it in. 1 hour a day, minimum. Job done.

Go for a walk (in a coat of course, we aren’t getting ill) for at least half an hour, listening to your 6 favourite songs.

If you don’t have any favourite songs, my friends have suggested some for you:

  • Eat Sleep Wake- Bombay bicycle club
  • This Life- Vampire Weekend
  • Ill Urn- Childish Gambino
  • Gone- Charlie XCX, Christine and the Queens
  • Corner of la isla- Jachary 
  • Loaded- Primal Scream
  • Upper West Side- King Princess 

If you don’t like this eclectic musical assortment, there are plenty of playlists on Spotify for every mood.

Walking without any purpose is remarkably therapeutic and very different to speed walking to lectures. It gives you endorphins, counts as exercise, and gives you time to reflect.

Do something for yourself.

How much time do we genuinely dedicate to indulging in our own passions?You could join a society, go to the Leeds Art Gallery, walk in to the city centre to see the Christmas lights, do some creative writing or do some exercise.

The possibilities are endless, the important point is to actively pursue something you want to do rather than putting it off or waiting for it to come to you.


And wash up and make your bed and FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE WORK OUT WHERE THE HOOVER IS AND USE IT. It’ll make your family proud.
You can’t thrive in a limiting environment; tidy room= tidy mind, I promise.

Do something for others.

Yes, I know this is meant to be self-care, but supporting others is rewarding! Be it a genuine compliment, a hug, or giving up some time to proof-read their essay, it will get you out of the toxic mindset of only thinking about yourself. You could also think about volunteering, for instance at Student Action for Refugees, a brilliant group making a really positive impact.

Break the routine.

Break out of harmful mindsets and toxic lifestyle choices. Maybe lay off the alcohol for a few days and go to bed before 2am, or plan in some social time to avoid isolation. Go to the gym knowing it will make you feel happy and proud of yourself. Self-care is putting yourself, your health and your happiness first, even if it isn’t always your top priority.

Amy Ramswell