FONTAINES D.C. at Stylus, 22/11/19

Ellis Maddison offers an alternative look at FONTAINES D.C.’s show at Stylus last week.

Murmurings of rich Dublin accents were heard now and then throughout the crowd, while a shipment of Guinness had been specially installed in the minifridges behind every bar. It was almost like being transported to a dim-lit, alleyway pub in the centre of Dublin as Grian Chatten and the boys waltzed on stage like a band of Irish mercenaries ready to take the world by storm.

Without any introduction, Fontaines D.C. erupted into ‘Hurricane Laughter’ and Chatten began what has become his trademark by pacing back and forth around the stage agitated, and as though he was plotting the perfect crime. The crowd dissolved into one big mosh pit and everyone attempted to jump the highest to get a worthy glance off the Fontaines frontman. Instantly, it became obvious how they released their first LP, toured the world and played Glastonbury, all within a year of debuting their already iconic sound. Fontaines D.C.’s rise to prominence was by no means an accident, and Dogrel proved that.

Song after song, the five-piece broke into loud, in-your-face punk anthems, and as they moved through the likes of ‘Too Real’ and ‘Liberty Belle’, the crowd grew in energy. Touring with IDLES has seen Chatten gain a similar authority to Bristol front-man Joe Talbot, but where IDLES take pride in delivering important messages to the masses, Fontaines D.C let the music do the talking. No words were spoken to the audience and they didn’t even introduce themselves. All that came was one solitary “Thank You” before they quickly removed themselves from what was already an ‘antiquated scene’. FONTAINES D.C. are a refreshing post-punk enigma that will only grow stronger as they release new music. See them while you can, before you’re forced to settle for seated tickets at the bigger venues. Their rise is inevitable.

Header Image by Kourey Angelo.