Professor Green Review: Just Be Good to Leeds

Professor Green has ‘just been good to Leeds’ after he sells out his re-scheduled tour that was postponed due to a seizure he suffered that led to a fractured neck. However, his injury did by no means phase Green tonight as he delivered one of the most energetic and exciting shows the Stylus has ever witnessed. 

The night saw various crowds of all ages embark on the University, anxious to see a show full of energy sourced from an endless consumption of coronas. Supporting Green was one of Leeds very own artists, Dream Mclean, who undoubtedly prepared the crowd for the emergence of Green as he was greeted with the typical Leeds gig chant of ‘YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE’ followed by screams for the man of the hour.  

The Hackney born and raised rapper opened with a ‘Got It All’ mash-up which features on his new album M.O.T.H (Matters of the heart), immediately bringing his playful energy to the stage. Dream Mclean joined Green front and centre for their song ‘Active’ and further remained as a hype man for Green for the rest of his set. 

Half-way through the gig, Green stopped performing and turned to his crowd to speak on mental health and the importance of being resilient. He quoted “amongst all this talk of sensitivity and being honest with ourselves, especially us men, don’t ever f***** forget to be resilient Leeds… we’re all surviving”. Following on from this speech came the single ‘Photographs’ which is a memorable track relating to the death of his father who took his own life 11 years ago.  

Alongside Photographs, the biggest impact on the crowd was the performance of ‘Remedy’ in which Green joined his fans in the audience to truly bask in his own track. The last track of the night and number one single ‘Read All About It’ was performed to a lit-up crowd of both lighters and torches leaving a lasting impact on all that came to watch.

It’s safe to assume that after a non-stop 2 hour performance exploded love and excitement all over the Stylus floor, we’ve got the green light that the Professor will visit our University’s iconic venue again very soon. 

Photography by Megan Callan