Frozen 2 Takes Us Into the Unknown.

When it was announced that 2013’s Frozen was getting a sequel, the main question on everyone’s lips was ‘how are they going to follow the first film?’. It was a cultural phenomenon, it earned over $1 billion worldwide and became the newest obsession for children everywhere, with Idina Menzel’s Elsa and Kristen Bell’s Anna particularly praised for being positive, strong role models for children.

Frozen 2 takes a significant note of the success of its predecessor. Referring back to the original film regularly, it becomes painfully apparent that the filmmakers are reminding audiences of Frozen in an attempt to make the sequel just as good. However, it doesn’t need these constant call-backs. Frozen 2 is an enjoyable film, with catchy, heart-warming songs and a storyline that both adults and children can enjoy.

A particular highlight is the long-needed utilising of Jonathan Groff’s singing talent, with Kristoff getting his own 90s boy-band-esque song as the pining love interest. ‘Into the Unknown’, the feature track and rival to ‘Let it Go’, does not reach the same heights but still holds its own, and while the songs may be a little weaker lyrically the film more than makes up for it in humour.

Really, Frozen 2 shouldn’t work. The songs lack the depth seen in other Disney musicals, the plotline is predictable from the opening scene, and it harks back to Frozen so much that the previous film looms over the audience as a consistent reminder of the success it needs to hold its own against. But it doesn’t need to be another Frozen. The best parts of the film were the new settings, characters, and developments. Frozen 2 is a fun winter film, bursting with jokes for all ages, that takes its giant of a predecessor and builds upon it. At the end of the day, it’s a Disney musical, for families. Why should we demand more of it?

Image Credit: IMDb