No Way Back x HMT Hard Cru x 96 Back @ Wharf Chambers 08/11/19

HMT Hard Cru returns to Leeds for a collaboration with Leeds locals No Way Back and special guest 96 Back.

The night was high energy, heavy and chaotic and turned into an even sillier party than expected. The disco ball in Wharf Chambers took on an almost demonic glare and the atmosphere of the room was gleefully chaotic.

There was less early drum and bass and happy hardcore than I was hoping for. Still, there was plenty of bass heavy wobbly tunes and some distinctly hollow menacing synths that I’m sure the Bristol based NWB boys were responsible for. There was also the expected instances of hardstyle, some acid tinged trance and other club tunes heavily mixed with a flanger effect to evoke the euro pop infected dance music of the early aughts.

We were entertained by donk remixes of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and stupidly fast mixes of classics like LFO Leeds Warehouse mix and a bizarre spacey dismantling of ‘Born Slippy’. The night felt like a childishly indulgent piss-take and, quite frankly, I feel like we could do with more nights that sit on the cusp of condescending irony by not taking themselves to seriously at all.

Queenie Qureshi-Wales

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