A Guide to Seasonal Self-Love

With the arrival of the dark nights it’s inevitable that Christmas is fatly approaching. With this comes the ever so used comments by relatives or friends making it the ‘tubby season’ for most. From anything to the looks across the dinner table as you reach for an extra yorkie to the family comments reflecting on ‘uni weight’ or ‘extra Christmas calories’ it’s hard to be in love with yourself both physically and mentally.

However, the change in weather shouldn’t reflect your opinion on yourself and hopefully these five few tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years will help you be more confident in yourself this Christmas!

  1. If you’re finding it hard to love even the slightest part of yourself then ring or message someone who thinks you’re nothing less than incredible. This might sound obvious but a lot of the time we don’t want to hear it or we believe the person saying it is bias, but it can be the exact pick me up you need! Text your parents, best friends, or anyone you think will give you a little message confidence boost, whether it’s a physical or emotional trait you have, recognise the compliment and begin to love it about yourself. 
  2. Have a home cooked meal. Having something familiar as well as something that reminds you of somewhere comfortable is the perfect trick to make you feel better. If you’re eating badly you get the ‘food guilts’ and ‘takeaway regret’. I think everyone should treat themselves but I think a home cooked meal can taste just as good and won’t give you any next day food phobia!
  3. If you’re concerned about your weight, why don’t you look at the different physical societies the uni has to offer? From netball to football to dance the uni has it all. You can join in the last couple weeks and get comfortable for next semester. Also, with a team around you, you can have the support you need while feeling fitter. 
  4. Buy yourself something. This might seem so simple but during the holidays we’re used to throwing on baggy jumpers and not dressing to flatter ourselves. Go shopping or go online and make time for yourself, order a couple of things and try on! DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT try on when you don’t think your looking your best. Having your hair tied up all over the place with mascara half way down your face isn’t going to make you feel confident. Instead try it on when you’re feeling confident it makes all the difference. No doubt your housemates will compliment you and you’ll feel good taking control back of your winter wardrobe. 
  5. Surround yourself with the people you love. Being around people who love you rubs off on you whether you want it to or not. Cutting out toxic people who are bringing you down or hate their bodies automatically make you question yours, especially if you think they’re perfect. By removing the negatives you’ll no doubt begin to feel better about yourself and think of healthier ways to achieve the goal you want.

Hopefully this has given you a slight insight to some ways to reject the negative comments during the season and helped you to focus on what will make you happy and comfortable this Winter.

All in all, let the comments slide, self-improvement and love is a much greater skill then not eating and staying in the gym until you feel ill, all that time you spend trying to achieve an unrealistic goal is time wasted that could’ve been used to see family.

You will thrive more by falling in love with yourself all over again this Christmas. 

Siobhan Dale