Let Them Play present ‘All Ears’ @ Hyde Park Book Club

Let Them Play are a new Leeds-based collective encouraging the community to muse, move and make in a playful, low-pressure environment.

Formed last Summer, Let Them Play aim to keep both your bodies and your minds busy through their creative workshops and hands-on art sessions. Their events provide a refreshing escape in a city where nightlife dominates: “we intend to put on a diverse range of events that break away from the normal party experience”, says Misha, 1/3 of the collective. Indeed, their events favour relaxation, kicking off in the late hours of the afternoon rather than the early hours of the morning.

Their next instalment is ‘All Ears’, an evening of casual interactive listening. With sedative sounds provided by Leeds-based DJs, from jazz and soul to dub and ambient electronics, attendees can wind down amidst the cosy set up of Hyde Park Book Club. Bringing pillows, beanbags and blankets is highly encouraged.

Taking place on Monday 13th January, ‘All Ears’ will serve you a wholesome slice of serenity away from the strains of exam season.